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ON VEILS, With Debra Moreland Though trends have come and gone over their 2000 year-plus history, veils remain pretty much timeless, not to mention so sublimely romantic, it seems a miss not to opt in on the single day reserved for a grown girl to wear one. Are you the traditional, full-length type? The flirty blusher type? Or perhaps you’re thinking of adding a fresh orange blossom crown to a lacy veil like Queen Victoria did when she married her Prince in 1840? When it comes to veils, your dress and venue are important things to consider, but then there’s where to place it, exactly which shade of white to choose, and how to manage the intermittent gust of wind. To help us navigate these nuances, we reached out to accessories designer Debra Moreland. ? DEBRA’S TIPS - Aim for the exact shade of your gown, or a shade lighter; avoid anything darker - For a voluminous look, choose a veil with more than one layer, or look for one with a lot of tulle gathered along the comb - Consider pairing a simple, short veil like this one with any longer veil of your choice if you are having a traditional ceremony; wear the shorter veil over your face as you walk down the aisle. Or, shop our collection of veils with blushers. - Try wearing a sparkly pin with your veil. Distinguish your ceremony and reception looks by removing your veil at the reception; let the pin shine! WHERE TO PLACE - Fasten veil into your hair at one o'clock; this creates a pretty A-line from head to floor which complements your dress and overall silhouette - For outdoor (read: windy) ceremonies, consider loosely wrapping veil around one arm, similar to a stole or sash - Since blusher and birdcage styles vary so much it may be a good idea to consult your hairstylist HOW TO FASTEN - For the most secure hold, fasten your veil by first flipping its comb upside-down (teeth facing up); if you’re doing it right the “U curve” of the comb will also curve away from your head - Gently slide the comb upward so that it grabs a bit of hair and then flip it over itself so that the “U curve” correctly cups the back of your head; wiggle into place CARE - Hang up your veil when you first receive it to naturally loosen wrinkles - After a few days, gently steam out remaining wrinkles. DO NOT use an iron; this can discolor or damage the veil - Store it hung and away from sunlight until your wedding day

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