A wedding gown can be a lot of dress to top—what with myriad textures, the neckline, length, and overall silhouette to consider—but as temperatures continue to drop, a little shoulder cover is essential. So for those taking advantage of the wedding-white backdrop winter brings, we've pulled together a shortlist of what goes beautifully with what.

Moonlit Peep Toes Fondant Tea Dress Bouvier Column Gown Luella Gown Cloud Mist Bibi Caprice Headband Whirlwind Dress Bow-Topped Slingbacks Cascading Goddess Gown Ribboned Silk Gown Flamenca Gown Pinwheel Dress Cloud Cover Peep Toes Jetsetter Coat Northern Lands Vest Affinity Scarf First Light Capelet Whirlwind Jacket Ondine Cardigan Foxtrot Topper Ranunculus Jacket Silk Coil Hat

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