Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Comb gel through wet hair and draw a side part

2/ With your hands take a large piece of hair framing your face and mold it into an S-shape by pulling it down cross the top of your forehead, back toward the temple, out again toward the cheekbone, and finally back toward your ear; secure with a bobby pin behind your ear

3/ Gather the balance of your hair into a low side ponytail

4/ Loosely braid the ponytail to give it texture; twirl into a bun and secure with more bobby pins

5/ Finish drying hair with a diffuser attachment and tuck in comb above the chignon
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Comb mousse through clean wet hair and blow dry

2/ Set the entire head with a ¾-inch barrel curling iron

3/ Gently comb through hair and draw a shallow side part

4/ 'Zhuzh' hair until you've sculpted a pleasing shape around your shoulders

5/ Tuck the side with less hair behind your ear and affix hairpin

6/ Hairspray
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Comb gel through dry hair to ensure a firm set

2/ Using large sections of hair set the entire head with medium-barreled hot rollers

3/ Once cooled, comb out the curls and position your headband

4/ Tease the hair directly behind the headband and then smooth

5/ Begin folding hair under and pinning equal-sized sections at the nape of the neck

6/ Gently comb surface to smooth and finish

7/ Hairspray
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Using a 1-inch barrel curling iron, begin setting the entire head in 1-inch sections

2/ Draw a side part

3/ Comb out thoroughly to achieve smooth, uniform texture

4/ Create a defined wave to frame the face

5/ Hairspray

6/ Affix birdcage veil just behind the crown of your head
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Part hair on left side

2/ Begin French braiding hair along the hairline and continue behind your right ear, under the nape of your neck, and until you reach your left ear; fasten behind ear with a bobby pin

3/ Gently pull at the braid to loosen it with your fingers, concentrating at the nape of the neck to anchor the style

4/ Hairspray

5/ Tuck hairpin just above the braid covering your left ear
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Part hair across the back of your head, dividing it into two sections

2/ Twist the bottom portion up as you would a French twist and secure hair ends into a topknot on the crown of your head (this part will provide the base for your bouffant later)

3/ Comb the top portion forward and tease thoroughly; smooth back and place your headband to secure hair

4/ Finish by smoothing and tucking loose ends from the top portion into the French twist

5/ Hairspray
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Spritz dry hair with a mixture of sea salt and water

2/ Bundle it into a topknot and give bun a bit of heat with a blow dryer; let set for a half-hour

3/ Let hair down and draw a center part

4/ While hair is still warm, weave a couple small braids throughout hair and tousle the entire look with your fingers

5/ Place the halo so that it rests across the top of your forehead
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Comb hair straight back; fasten into a low ponytail

2/ Tease the ponytail to create texture and volume

3/ Smooth out and twist into a chignon

4/ Hairspray

5/ Fasten the comb of your blusher veil above the chignon; enclose chignon with one layer of netting from the veil and pin underneath to secure
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Begin by setting hair with a 1-inch barrel curling iron

2/ Comb out and gather into a high ponytail on the crown of your head

3/ Place headband

4/ Pin sections of hair around the base of the ponytail to create a textural bun

5/ Hairspray
Hair How-To Hair How-To
1/ Part a shallow side part on the left side

2/ Tease and smooth hair; pull all of it to the left side of your neck

3/ Twist this piece up and over the crown as you would a French twist, working toward the right side; secure the ends close to your hairline

4/ To create the final swoop across your forehead, gently pull from the side part and shape with your fingers

5/ Tuck comb just behind the bang 'swoop'

6/ Hairspray

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