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Our Official Guide to Getting Married at City Hall

What to wear and how to do it!

These days beg the question: Why not say I do at City Hall and put your funds towards a great party or honeymoon instead? The thought of a ceremony that includes just you, your fiancé, a judge and a witness sounds pretty darn sweet. Plus, most city halls tend to be striking examples of architecture in the city they call home.

Sound good? Here's what to do. You have to go to city hall or the county clerk's office regardless of where you are having your ceremony in most states to apply for your marriage license. Licenses usually cost under $100 and are valid within a couple days. While you're applying for this, check to see the judge's availability for a marriage ceremony; you'll probably have to schedule an appointment. Find out what witnesses and anything else you might need to bring on the day of the ceremony. Once you've got the particulars sorted, you can focus on the fun stuff...

The Dress - Shorter styles are practically synonymous with city hall.

Flowers - Try a corsage! They're hands-free and super nostalgic. Or, if you've got your heart set on a bouquet (we understand), treat yourself to something fragrant and loose.

Rings - Simplicity and timelessness fit the bill. There's also something really nice about adding to the intrinsic love story of a vintage wedding ring with your own.

Heels - Your shoes will be on full display, so choose wisely. A slip-on style feels right or maybe something in a subtle shade of blue.

Something For Your Hair - The short wedding dress's hair pal? Blusher and bird cage veils!

Flair - Just because you're keeping things low-key doesn't mean you can't add a few big-to-do details. String mr. and mrs. banners on the back of your car, have your dearest friends ready at the exit with some confetti poppers, and exchange vow journals on your own time to make this thang official!

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