Wendy in Wonderland
In a tucked-away California studio, Wendy Addison tells stories in the form of (often sparkly) paper goods with both old-timey-circus and Victoriana flair. Here she speaks with us about the place she calls home and a few of her favorite things.
About twenty years ago I was searching for a more magical life for myself, and it all started with those three words. I thought that my days should be a theatre for my dreams, and it became my life, my home, and a shop!
I describe Port Costa as a Victorian ghost town on the waterfront of north San Francisco Bay. It's tucked away in a very private valley, only twenty minutes from the Bay Bridge. Only two hundred people live here and the downtown consists of five un-restored antique buildings from the 1880's. At one time it was a major shipping port in California, but times changed and left it behind. It's a beautiful relic of the past that is a perfect setting for my little dream life.
In a Winter Garden Under a Winter Moon...
As far as creating my own, I love to play around with antique pens and penpoints to get an authentic, slightly irregular look. I love creating letters that are full of character and curlicues! I also like the old-style type that was used in commercial applications in the 1800's—the way they mixed it up using multiple bold and ornamental typefaces together.
Oh that's a hard one! Probably Vanves outside of Paris, Alameda Point in San Francisco, and Brimfield, Massachusetts.
Glass glitter has a crystalline reflectiveness that's incomparable. It's made with only two materials: glass and sterling silver. Each tiny shard of glass is a different ‘broken’ shape which adds to the old-style look of it. And I love the way the color changes over time to a bronzy silver; it makes it look even more antique!

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