We love any wedding celebration as much as the next, but a bridal shower has a special place in our party-loving hearts. Aside from showering you with gifts like beautiful lingerie and reveling in chic bridal shower decor, we love outfitting brides in the perfect bridal shower dresses. Because this is the moment where all eyes are you, it’s important to not only look you best, but to feel your best! While we love the classic white bridal shower dress, there are so many options when it comes to prints, fabrics, textures, and playful extras like ruffles, lace details and bell sleeves. For an outdoor celebration, consider a short bridal shower dress with ruffle detailing - perfect for staying cool in warm weather. If celebrating in the colder months, try a long bridal shower dress with lace detailing or textural blooms to stay warm and stylish. Don’t forget to pair your looks with bridal accessories like a fitted sash or embellished clutch!