About Veils


  • Aim for the exact shade of your gown, or a shade lighter; avoid anything darker
  • For a voluminous look, choose a veil with more than one layer of tulle, or look for one with a lot of tulle gathered along the comb
  • Consider pairing a simple, short veil like this one with any longer veil of your choice if you are having a traditional ceremony; wear the shorter veil over your face as you walk down the aisle. Or, shop our collection of veils with blushers
  • Try wearing a sparkly pin with your veil. Distinguish your ceremony and reception looks by removing your veil at the reception; let the pin shine!

Where to place

  • Fasten veil into your hair at one o'clock (see diagram above); this creates a pretty A-line from head to floor which complements your dress and overall silhouette
  • For outdoor (read: windy) ceremonies, consider loosely wrapping veil around one arm, similar to a stole or sash
  • Since blusher and birdcage styles vary so much it may be a good idea to consult your hairstylist

How to fasten

  • For the most secure hold, fasten your veil by first flipping its comb upside-down (teeth facing up); if you’re doing it right the “U curve” of the comb will also curve away from your head
  • Gently slide the comb upward so that it grabs a bit of hair and then flip over so that the “U curve” correctly cups the back of your head; wiggle into place


  • Hang up your veil when you first receive it to naturally loosen wrinkles
  • After a few days, gently steam out remaining wrinkles. DO NOT use an iron; this can discolor or damage the veil
  • Store it hung and away from sunlight until your wedding day

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