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The Fabulous Beekman Boys

the gents, their farm & their happily ever after

In 2007 Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell purchased the historic Beekman Farm located in Sharon Springs, NY. Originally intended as a getaway home, the farm became these city slickers' livelihood. With bestselling books, an award-winning website, and a reality TV show to show from it so far, the boys talk to us about their most recent farm-inspired project: marriage.

Your wedding looked beautiful! Congratulations! What was your vision?

Our company, Beekman 1802, is all about community-building, neighbors, and hand-crafted, seasonal living, so we wanted to incorporate all of these elements into the celebration.

Three words to describe your day?

Perfect marital bliss!

What was it like getting to have your wedding at your farm?

The farm is such an integral part of our lives and for people who watch The Fabulous Beekman Boys on Cooking Channel, a huge part of the show. We just knew the wedding had to be outdoors on the farm. In fact, the whole event was filmed for the Beekman Boys Wedding Special that will be available in September on Amazon Prime!

What was written in the journals you read from during the ceremony?

When we started our relationship 14 years ago, we alternated weekends at one another's homes and at the end of the weekend, we'd write each another a poem. After a decade of not looking at the poems, we each chose three to read at the ceremony. They were wonderful reminders of our feelings for one another from the beginning.

Most memorable part of the day?

Seeing our friends, neighbors, and relatives enjoying themselves.

Tell us about your outfits.

A few years ago, we modeled in a J. Crew ad campaign, so we chose pieces from the brand for the wedding. The muck boots are a signature part of our wardrobe on The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Plus, they came in extra-handy as we received 3 inches of rain the night before the wedding!

Explain the ribbons tied around some of the flowers.

For years, each flower in a wedding bouquet had a specific meaning attached to it. We weren't carrying bouquets, but wanted to have some reference to the tradition. We used the Victorian-era book The Language of Flowers to identify the meanings of certain species in our garden, printed them on ribbons, and tied them around each kind of flower. During the cocktail hour, guests could wander around learning about each one.

And the goats?

Beekman Farm is a goat dairy. We use the milk in our signature beauty and gourmet food products.

Favorite décor piece for the day?

We loved the Wild Asters Garland from BHLDN — we hung it vertically from the branches of trees around the farm. We also loved the effigies made of found objects by artist Bill Fink. The silver company Christofle gifted us with a beautiful silver ice bucket designed by Thomas Keller that has our Beekman 1802 logo engraved on it. We used it to hold wildflower seeds that guests sprinkled atop the hill where we held the ceremony. Now every summer, the hilltop will be a bed of flowers that reminds us of our anniversary.

What are you doing about last names? Sharing/keeping?

We're keeping our own last names. We are very modern gentlemen!

The food looked delicious. Tell us about it.

In lieu of gifts, guests brought heirloom recipes from their own families to share. Each guest was professionally photographed with their dish and eventually we will have the recipes and photographs available on our website

Did you have a cake?

No, instead we had a 3-tier, 3 foot high dessert stand filled with heirloom desserts from our forthcoming cookbook Beekman 1802 Heirloom Desserts.

Biggest takeaway after planning a wedding?

Instead of thinking of the day just as a celebration of our union, we considered it a "thank you" gift to our guests. Each guest had a role in nourishing our relationship over the last 14 years, and for that we were so grateful.

Thing you're most looking forward to in married life?

More of the same!

For more wedding photos and to see their Nantucket honeymoon, check out @Beekman1802Boys on Instagram.

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