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Crista & Mayme - Brooklyn, NY - December 15, 2012

When we asked Crista what her wife was like, she told us Mayme was magnetic in a way that she herself wasn’t, which surprised us a little because Crista oozed warmth and exuberance from the first word we exchanged. Of course our next thought was: This Mayme must be pretty incredible. We wanted to meet her too!

She’s so dang smart and good and kind. She’s to the point and I’m flamboyant and crazy and colorful. The saying ‘opposites attract’ really applies.

She went on to describe the vows Mayme wrote – a list of the top five reasons why they’re meant to be together, which cleverly coincided with the narrative of their first five dates.

As it happened, Crista was seeing someone else when Mayme asked her out properly – “dinner and the whole deal.” They’d been acquaintances for some time and hung out in the same circles. Crista asked a few of her friends what they thought of Mayme and they unanimously agreed she was great, but didn’t necessarily think it’d be a love connection.

I remember thinking the next morning: Wow, my life is different now, my soul is different, I’m different.

They pieced a wedding together in six quick weeks, affirming their love with 180 friends in a Brooklyn bookstore (by day). She recalled the two of them looking into the crowd, swelling with happiness that all of these people, whom they’d shared significant time and life experiences with, were there to share their evening.

They danced a double-first dance to Human Nature by Michael Jackson and Kiss by Prince – Crista, in our swirling platinum gown.I wanted a vintage feel, sort of Veronica Lake 1940s. When it arrived, I stripped down in my office, put it right on and was like ‘Eeeee!’ twirling around.

As far as whether or not it feels different being a newlywed, she told us, “when you’re married you’re not fighting to leave – you’re fighting to stay.” That kind of blew us away.

Tamara & Ed - Avalon, NJ - June 1, 2013

She’s from South Africa, he, from the UK. Of all places, a Halloween party in Connecticut brought them together. She was a hula girl, he was a doctor. (Well, he is a doctor.)

It’s pretty special to find someone from another side of the world. We caught each other’s eyes across the room, but didn’t speak until the end of the night when he asked to take a Polaroid with me. We still have the picture.

I don’t mean to be cheesy, but I just knew he was the one. Right away.

When we shot this story, Tam was our only bride yet to tie the knot. She and Ed will be married at their home in Avalon, New Jersey this summer. It was interesting getting to speak with a bride so close to her big day, though Tam was impressively levelheaded about it all – a pretty cool bride if we do say. Her nuptials will be fairly intimate, just 30 close friends over for a small ceremony and dinner, and her mom plans to Skype in from Capetown.

Having been together for eight years, some of which took place over very long distances, she talked a lot about how the time and distance had made their connection even stronger.

Something else they share, which made an appearance in the proposal itself, is athletics.

“I came home and he had a bottle of champagne and strawberries and I thought to myself, ‘Is this happening?’ He opened up the strawberries, but no ring. Opened the champagne, no ring. I turned around for a second, and he got down on one knee and proposed. Then he gave me a glass of champagne and said, ‘I have to go play tennis.’ So I called my mom!”

Ed is definitely sporty; I think that’s what attracted me to him. But he’s also very humble, and just a wonderful person who cares a lot about everything in life.

Andrea & Mike - Savannah, GA - March 23, 2013

Mike – the creative type to Andrea’s more scientific type (before law school, she day-jobbed as a biochemist) – invited himself into Andrea’s study group having had his eye on her for a while. The two bonded over art and music, and the rest is history.

We have completely different approaches but together we’re really good at solving things.

The couple fell in love with Savannah’s quiet, time-forgotten railroad museum a few months after Mike proposed, and so chose it for the location of their small ceremony. From then on, according to Andrea, everything “just came together.” Even a stormy forecast proved little threat; after torrential rain all morning the clouds parted right before everyone was due to gather.

Andrea’s dad and her twelve-year-old son walked her down the aisle, and her son remained at her side while a close friend led the couple in reciting vows they wrote themselves.

It was very personal and everyone was moved to tears. Then all of sudden my son started moving his eyebrows and making faces, and we went from crying to laughing and it was just kind of...how our life is.

That was probably my favorite moment.

Once wed, the crew wasted little time before celebrating. Mike, Andrea, and their son danced a first dance to Everlasting Light by the Black Keys, enjoyed a meal with friends and family, and then took the party to the streets of Savannah for a pub crawl. The bride threw her bouquet at the end of the evening while singing Karaoke. (Her football coach caught it!)

After the weekend’s festivities the newlyweds headed home to Brooklyn where Andrea reports that she didn’t think it’d feel that different being married. “But it does!”

Sarah & Ryan - Essington, PA - March 16, 2013

A self-proclaimed cool and collected gal, no one was more surprised than Sarah when a tear welled up just moments after we sat down with her. As we asked her what she loves about her husband, her eyes glistened.

You don’t really know what to expect when you meet that person. It’s just amazing to go through the whole process and grow older together.

Ryan began pursuing Sarah during college and although she wasn’t necessarily looking, “it just always felt comfortable and right.”

The two, it seems, also share a great sense of humor. Both avid fans of The Office, Ryan gifted her reams of Dunder Mifflin paper last year for Christmas, and tucked away in a cigar box underneath, was an engagement ring – her grandmom’s ring.

On the day of their wedding, Sarah and Ryan’s first look was one of the more emotional moments.

“He was out on the porch and when I walked out, I tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, saw me, and teared up little. It was perfect.”

Their ceremony, an untraditional affair at an old mansion on the Delaware River, was officiated by a friend from high school. In Sarah’s words it was spot-on, complete with a well-timed Seinfeld reference. Then after, in our cascading goddess gown, she twirled to Harvest Moon by Neil Young with her new husband.

As soon as I put this dress on I knew it was the one. It’s funny, it’s like a beautiful piece of artwork that you search and search for, but never really get to wear again.

Passing on the best advice she’d received as a bride-to-be, Sarah told us with a happy sigh, “Make sure you eat – taste the food! Remember to breathe, and take snapshots of the best moments in your head.”

Amy & Todd - Aspen, CO - September 15, 2012

Disarmingly charming is the probably the most succinct way to introduce Amy (trust us, if we had more space we’d go on). As she shared her and Todd’s story with us, including a candid retelling of the unexpected laughter throughout their vows, it was easy to see how this cool, sweet gal had stolen his heart.

The minute I met him, literally, the second I met him, I knew that I would know him for the rest of my life. I can be kind of a dreamer and off in my own world; he’s more grounded.

But he’s also a goofball. I love how he makes me laugh.

Amy had a similar kismet-type moment when it came to her dress. Last year she met with our stylist Angela here in Philly. This airy number by Catherine Deane was a last-minute grab, but the one that made the cut.Everything else felt like a costume, but this felt like what I was supposed to wear.

On the day of, she paired it with her grandmother’s watch, a gift her grandfather gave her the year she and Todd were engaged.

The two chose an outdoor bit of green in Aspen as the place to exchange vows. She recalled how the walk to her husband-to-be felt like an eternity, but wonderful at the same time.

After, they danced to Falling Softly by Glen Hansard & Markéta Irglová, and at the end of the night, stole a moment to themselves. Over broken glass, Todd carried her out to the deck to have a peek at the stars.

As far as their next adventure goes, Amy shared simply, I love the way he is with our small cousins, nieces, nephews, and our little dog – we’re excited to start a family.

Licia & Zach - Essington, PA - September 15, 2012

Licia and Zach still debate the exact location of their first meeting, but we suppose that has to do with the fact that their romance didn’t fall into the love-at-first-sight category – something she happily shares and believes has much to do with the strength of their relationship.

One thing’s for sure. He sounds hilarious. Which probably helped win her over because she mentioned it a couple different times, using the most perfect and unassuming anecdotes to illustrate. The more she went on, the more we could sense how well matched they were.

He’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. He’s sweet, genuine, and caring. He’s also very mellow. I have a tendency to be type A and he brings me down to earth.

The night Zach proposed Licia had no idea it was coming, but admitted to keeping an eye out for a dress just in case.

It was the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I wanted to channel old Hollywood glamour but didn’t want to get too literal, so I added some modern touches.

She had a bit of blue sewn into her garter, added some leopard print wedges, a statement ring given to her by Zach the morning of their wedding, and carried the beaded handbag her grandmother bought as a young woman living in Italy (the grandmother she was named after).

The couple tied the knot in an outdoor ceremony on “the only day in September it didn’t rain.” A close friend was ordained especially so that he could tailor the ceremony to them.

Now newlyweds for over six months, Licia told us she didn’t think things felt all that different. But now with my red hair and new name, people will never believe I’m Italian again!

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