Finding bridesmaid dresses to compliment your favorite ladies can be a challenge. There are many personal styles to consider and your own wedding style, too! What better way to achieve a romantic look for your bridal party than with blush colored bridesmaid dresses? If you’re driven toward a monochromatic effect for your maids, blush bridesmaid dresses are the perfect choice! If you like a more diverse look with a mix of silhouettes and tones, consider a combination of pink bridesmaid dresses and light pink bridesmaid dresses. No matter your wedding venue, whether an outdoor garden or formal indoor ballroom, light pink or dusty rose bridesmaid dresses are both perfect options. To make sure your bridesmaids’ personalities shine through, consider diversifying their looks with bridesmaid accessories! Gorgeous bridesmaid clutches in different styles and sizes are perfect for equipping your ladies for the big day (and night!) ahead. Consider beaded clutches in different designs for a consistent, yet varying look. And, of course, don’t forget bridesmaid jewelry. We love the look of different stud earrings for each of your maids, or a set of bridesmaid necklaces in different styles. Bridesmaid jewelry also makes for great gifts, as a way to say thank you for being by my side on my wedding day! Not only are pink bridesmaid dresses are the perfect way to outfit your girls and achieve an ultra-feminine look for your bridal party, but purple bridesmaid dresses and red bridesmaid dresses do the trick as well.