Grey bridesmaid dresses are the perfect accent to a beautiful white gown. Grey is a muted tone that adds a moodiness to your wedding (in a good way)! There are many different shades of this color to let you control how dark you want your bridal party dresses to look. Choose a slate grey bridesmaid colored dress for a fall wedding and pair with flowers that have rich reds and sultry maroons. For a winter or spring wedding, find light grey bridesmaid dresses to add that windswept look to the bridal party. Be sure not to put your groomsmen in grey suits if going with grey bridesmaid dresses. You’ll want to match them in a darker color, like black, to add balance to the overall party. Then we have black bridesmaid dresses. You’re probably thinking, why on earth…? Let me stop you there, because there’s something totally classic about having your bridesmaids in black dresses. It makes a statement and of course, everyone looks great in black. It’s time we look at black and see the Parisian lady doused in an exquisite black dress or the high-end penthouse woman looking fierce instead of color too dark for a wedding. Add white flowers or a white sash to brighten up the look.