As the go-to pairing gift for bridesmaid necklaces and bridesmaid earrings, bridesmaid bracelets are the perfect accessory for adding a bit a sparkle to your bridal party look. While we love the idea of a bridesmaid bracelet gift, we love it even more as a piece of statement jewelry for the wedding day - one that will shine and catch guests’ attention as your bridal party walks down the aisle! Bracelets for bridesmaids are also versatile. We love gemstone bracelets for rustic outdoor wedding, while a whimsical and delicate floral bracelet is the perfect compliment to a spring wedding in an outdoor garden. If you love a more consistent look for your bridal party but still want a personalized touch, consider a set of bridesmaids bracelets that are similar in style with a slight variation in gemstone. Need a little inspiration? Try envisioning your bridesmaids wearing their gorgeous crystal bracelets as they hold their bouquets for a group photo. Stunning, right? We think so, too!