Bridesmaid earrings serve not only as the perfect gifting opportunity, but a way to add some extra personality to your overall bride party look. Earrings for bridesmaids come in all shapes, sizes, and styles (and most styles even pair beautifully with bridesmaid bracelets!). We love an art deco-style chandelier earring for a vintage 1920’s themed wedding, dangling gemstone earrings for a sunny beach wedding, and pearl drop earrings for a classic black-tie wedding. If you like the idea of a consistent look for your bridal party, consider a bridesmaid earrings gift. Your bridesmaids will love the thoughtful gesture of a wedding gift that’s re-wearable after the big day, as well as the fact that their jewelry is taken care of (your maids are busy planning, too!). Also consider the color; gold bridesmaid earrings look especially stunning paired with soft pinks and greens for summer weddings, while silver bridesmaid earrings add a pop of glamour to rich purples and blues for winter weddings. No matter the wedding season, earrings for bridesmaids are the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle to your overall bridal party look.