First let’s talk about your bridal clutch. Throughout the long, crazy, exciting day of your wedding, so many things are happening. Your make up wears off, you may get a spot on your dress… this is why it’s great to have a wedding clutch! Carry an extra tube of lipstick or foundation for touch ups or perhaps a mini emergency kit for any accidents. Our collection of vintage-inspired wedding clutches are filled with charm and meticulous detail; find beaded and embellished, lace, and even fringe clutches. It’s an extension of your outfit that can’t be missed and a great way to add to your bridal jewelry! Wedding gloves are perfect for a vintage-inspired wedding. Bridal gloves give your wedding attire that classic charm of the 1920s or 1940s. White gloves are a great addition for a winter wedding. If you are traveling to different locations during the day, they are a great slip on that keep your fingers warm and keep up with the elegance of your dress.