Elegant or whimsical, romantic or classic, wedding headbands are a wonderful option. With bridal headbands in styles that range from structured with enamel, metal, and crystal to ethereal with organza halos, feathers, and flowers, headbands are an easy way to top off your wedding dress. Picture Kate Middleton’s tiara: you might choose a sparkly headband that sits like a bridal crown, or perhaps silk taffeta flowers gracefully framing your face—all supported by the simple, timeless shape of a headband. A bridal headband can soften a sleek, traditional hairstyle, provide a bohemian accent for flowing tresses, and even support an elaborate fascinator if your taste leans toward sophisticated drama rather than simple wedding headbands. Be it a head wreath, tiara, with ribbons, flowered, or feathered, headbands for weddings remain a modern but timeless choice.