Sale Wedding Dresses

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Sale Wedding Dresses

When should you start shopping for a wedding dress?

You should get your dress 9-12 months before your wedding day allowing time for delivery and alterations. Our in-stock gowns typically deliver in a few weeks!

How do I start narrowing down my wedding dress options?

Look for inspiration from your favorite brands and influencers. In addition, research different styles, necklines, and fabrics to pick the ones that make you feel the most beautiful!

How much do wedding dresses cost?

Prices can vary by style, but we have a selection of gowns for under $1,000 as well as options for Afterpay.

What should I wear while trying on wedding dresses?

Bring nude or strapless undergarments and a pair of shoes with similar height to the pair you’ll wear on the big day!

What are different wedding dress colors?

The most popular gown shade is ivory, but various tones like cream, snow, and blush are also available.

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