Bridal Shoes

Do wedding shoes have to be white?

Traditionally, brides choose bridal shoes that match their gown (usually a shade of ivory) but there’s no set rule. It’s your wedding, after all! Whether it’s metallic mules, textured neutrals, or even “something blue,” brides can wear any color for their wedding shoes.

How do I choose bridal shoes?

When choosing your bridal shoes, you’ll want a pair that complements your personality and style along with the aesthetic of your gown! Also consider the location of your wedding—heels may not be the most practical option for outdoor or beach ceremonies.

Should my wedding dress cover my shoes?

It is up to you whether you want your wedding dress to cover your shoes, especially since some brides opt for a shorter gown or even a bridal jumpsuit! If you want your gown to cover your shoes, bring the shoes you plan to wear to your tailor so they can alter your gown accordingly.

Should I break in the shoes before my wedding day?

To make sure you feel your best (and comfiest!) on your wedding day, occasionally slip on your bridal shoes around the house so you can break them in without damaging them.

What can I wear as winter bridal shoes?

For winter weddings, a pair of closed toe bridal shoes offers warmth and comfort.

Should I wear comfortable shoes for my reception?

Many brides have started to add a reception look to their bridal trousseau, including a second pair of bridal shoes! With options like block heels, flats, and embellished slippers, brides can choose to change into another pair of shoes that are dance floor-ready.

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