Wedding Dresses with Back Detail


Sometimes a little drama on your wedding day is a good thing. As long as it’s your backless wedding dress that’s causing the excitement. Backless wedding dresses provide an elegant and intricate detail in an unexpected place. With fronts that are understated, backless wedding dresses create two jaw-dropping moments for the bride, one as she enters and one as she turns around. With a low back wedding dress, it's like having two dresses in one! Low back wedding dresses work well on many figures from athletic to pear shaped and it is a great way to show off some skin in a way that is sexy but classy, modest but flirtatious. This detail adds visual interest to an understated front and is a wonderful surprise for guests who may spend most of the ceremony staring at your back. Why not let them look at something amazing and unexpected like one of our amazing open back wedding dresses? Perfect with an updo and minimalist bridal veils and headpieces and bridal jewelry, low back wedding dresses ensure that you are the center of attention coming and going.

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