Nicola Bathie Designer Spotlight

Nicola Bathie

Since our first glimpse of Nicola Bathie’s striking designs, we’ve been dying to add a few sparkling pieces to our jewelry box. Founder Nicola Bathie McLaughlin describes her creations as a fusion of style environments, always evolving with the seasons yet elegantly timeless. Each piece in her collection is made to feel like a statement curated specifically for its wearer. We chatted with Nicola to learn more about the inspiration behind her namesake line.

“I love classic details with a hint of something fresh and new.”

— Nicola Bathie McLaughlin

Our Q&A With Nicola

Q: How did Nicola Bathie get started?

A: I started Nicola Bathie during college, making pieces of jewelry for my friends to wear when going out.

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: I’m hugely inspired by florals, natural materials, and nature in general.

Q: What are some hallmarks of your jewelry?

A: Flowers, mother of pearl, and pearl features are all likely to be found in a piece of Nicola Bathie jewelry.

Q: How would you describe the Nicola Bathie wearer?

A: Anyone with an ethereal and whimsical spirit.

Q: What is your favorite decade of fashion?

A: Probably the Victorian Era. Loads of ruffles, silks, layers, flowers—completely over the top and lovely!

Q: Do you have any advice for brides who are shopping for bridal accessories?

A: I love classic details with a hint of something fresh and new. I think it’s important to keep in mind the time in which you’re getting married, but you still want to avoid being too trendy.

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