Store Reopening

We're reopening select BHLDN shops.

To keep our customers, associates, and community safe, we've implemented a set of new experience guidelines.

By Appointment Only
for your protection and ours

BHLDN shops will be open by appointment only. We'll also be observing six-foot social distancing standards, so appointments will happen a bit differently. Learn more below.

Keeping it clean
all BHLDN team members
are wearing masks

We're constantly sanitizing oft-touched surfaces, fitting rooms, and door handles. We're equipped with plenty of hand sanitizer, too.

Keep it contactless

At this time, credit or debit payments are preferred, but we are accepting cash, as well. We’ll email your receipt unless you request a printout.

We're here to help

Your concerns are our priority! Please give us a call to learn more about our evolving response to COVID-19 and your in-store experience.

What Are You Doing To Protect Customers And Employees?

  • We have adopted a number of alternate procedures designed to protect our customers and employees.
  • We are opening by appointment only to enforce social distancing in our shops. Appointments are available for bridal, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, and accessories. Please see What can I expect during my appointment? for more details.
  • All employees are required to wear masks, even in states and cities that do not require masks to be worn. We encourage our customers to wear masks as well, even when not required. We’re all in this together! Our masks protect you and your masks protect us.
  • All employees are supplied with gloves, eye protection, and face shields to wear if they prefer. Regardless, we are requiring employees to wash or sanitize their hands frequently. We have added breaks to allow employees to hand sanitize. We’re also providing hand sanitizer throughout our stores and welcome you to sanitize your hands frequently as well.
  • Temperature checks are required for all customers and their guests. In addition, all employees receive fever screening before starting work. We are also requiring employees who have other symptoms of COVID-19 to self-quarantine per CDC guidelines. If you have a fever or do not feel well, please be courteous to our staff and your fellow customers and do not shop the store until you are symptom-free. We welcome you to order online or book a virtual appointment instead!
  • We have also enhanced our cleaning protocols. All stores will be regularly cleaned to CDC standards, including frequent disinfecting of high-touch surfaces (such as door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, PIN pads, etc.).
  • We are enforcing social distancing throughout our stores. Employees and customers are required to practice proper distancing (at least six feet) at all times. We will be limiting the number of customers in a store to facilitate distancing. Please bear with us, as this means we must ask you to wait outside the store until your stylist meets you at your appointment time. You will also see social distancing markers within our stores to remind and guide you.
  • We are limiting all appointments to a total of three attendees (you + two guests) to facilitate social distancing.
  • We are adopting contactless checkout and payments as much as possible, but we are accepting cash, as well. You will also see Plexiglass shields at our registers, and we will alter operations to limit physical contact (e.g. only opening every other register).
  • We are revising fitting room procedures to permit social distancing and avoid physical contact. Fitting rooms will be cleaned between each use.
  • We also offer virtual appointments for bridal, bridesmaids, mother of the bride, accessories, post-purchase gown try-ons, pre-wedding events, and honeymoon wardrobes. Learn more and book an appointment.

How Will The In-Store Experience Change When You Reopen?

  • We are trying to provide you the store experience you know and love while accommodating social distancing and other procedures designed to keep you and our employees safe. Please see What are you doing to protect customers and employees? (above) for more details.
  • We ask that our customers and employees practice social distancing and stay at least six feet apart at all times. You will see social distancing markers to remind and guide you.
  • To facilitate social distancing, we are limiting the number of customers in a store at any one time. Please bear with us, as this means we must ask you to wait outside the store until your stylist meets you at your appointment time. This also means we must limit the total number of attendees per appointment to three (you + two guests).
  • We are adopting procedures to facilitate contactless payments. Please see Can I use cash to pay for my order? for more details.

What Can I Expect During My Appointment?

  • BHLDN shops will be open by appointment only. Book an appointment here.
  • Appointments will be limited to a total of three attendees (you + two guests) to help us practice social distancing.
  • We ask that you do not bring any food or alcoholic beverages to your appointment. In addition, we won’t be offering refreshments during appointments.
  • To maintain social distancing, our stylists will assist you throughout your appointment while staying at least six feet apart. Your stylist will pull your requested gowns, place them in your private dressing room, and provide guidance during the try-on process.
  • Please note that your stylist will not be able to go into the fitting room with you, so you will need to get in/out of gowns on your own or with assistance from your guest. Your stylist will be on hand with guidance for each of these steps.
  • If you’re not comfortable trying on gown samples at this time, we’re offering the option to spend your appointment time browsing the assortment with expert guidance from your stylist, who can answer your questions and provide gown suggestions based on your event vision, date, and personal style preference.

Can I Use Cash To Pay For My Order?

  • At this time, credit or debit payments are preferred, but we are accepting cash, as well.
  • Please note that our stores will still be able to accommodate returns of items purchased with cash. They will also still be able to redeem gift cards for cash where the balance is below the required threshold.

Do You Have Curbside Pickup?

At this time, BHLDN shops are not offering curbside pickup. If you’re not quite ready to visit us in stores, book a virtual appointment, or contact our online stylists via email to find what you love at

Is My Local Store Open?

All BHLDN stores have now reopened. Visit our store locator page to find a store and plan your visit.

What Are My Store's Hours?

We may be operating on alternative or shorter hours. This will be determined by local legal requirements, mall directives, and local business conditions. Please visit our store locator page to check your local store’s hours.

What If I Can’t Make It To A Store, Or Am Shopping For Bridesmaids?

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