White Party Dresses

A new trend is taking over in the world of bridal fashion: wedding reception dresses! Usually shorter and less ornate than a traditional gown, a little white dress lets the bride cut loose and celebrate after the ceremony is complete. A separate reception dress is a great way for the bride to show off her fashion-forward side, too; many brides choose second wedding dresses embellished with sequins, ruffles, or even feathers for a bit of whimsy. Some brides opt for a flowy maxi dress or a slinky silk and satin gown, while others select a knee or tea length dress that’s ready for dancing (and shows off those bridal shoes)! Even if you aren’t planning on a change of costume at your wedding, you’ll want to get an all-white wardrobe ready for your other bridal occasions. As the big day gets closer, you’ll need a white bridal shower dress, plus festive dresses for your engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and bachelorette party. Picking out your party looks is a fantastic way to determine what you’re looking for in a gown. If you gravitate toward fitted bridal shower dresses, you might want to consider gowns that showcase your curves. Loving lots of sparkle for your bachelorette look? Consider a beaded gown for the big day! While you’re selecting your reception dress, take the time to pick out your bridal shoes and bridal lingerie as well—now your wardrobe is ready to say 'I do!'