Your wedding veil is the crowning glory of your bridal ensemble. Whether you’re planning to wear your hair up or down, whether your style is simplicity itself or the height of decadence, your headpiece is a beautiful way to express your personality on your wedding day. White wedding veils come in an array of lengths and designs. It is important to match your veil to your dress accordingly. For example, if your style is vintage-inspired, consider a cathedral white bridal veil with lace that lines the edges. If you are a bride who prefers modern, classic elegance, you may want to go with a simpler veil. If your wedding gown has jaw-dropping back details, be sure to stick with a short wedding veil. Quirky brides can choose from unique embellishments of crystals, pearls, flowers, hearts, or bows. The right bride veil can accentuate or even transform the rest of your look. It is a nod to tradition that is sure to carry on for years to come.