At-Home Date Night Ideas

12 Fun & Romantic At-Home Date Ideas

As Netflix-and-chill evenings become the norm, it can be challenging to find new ways to be romantic and have a date night with your partner. Whether you’re fans of swoon-worthy gestures or like to try something different (hello, couples’ cooking classes!), we’ve whipped up a few new ideas for date nights (or mornings) that don’t involve watching The Office for the hundredth time.

Still-in-Bed Dates

Don’t feel like getting dressed to have a date? Feel free to hit snooze as many times as you want before landing on one of these ideas:

Breakfast in Bed

Having breakfast in bed is a sweet luxury that’s an easy date idea (even better if your partner does the cooking!). Avocado toast, scrambled eggs, or fruity waffles are simple meals that make for a sweet gesture. Try this waffle recipe from Anthropologie and pop some champagne for mimosas as a lazy Sunday treat!

Go Down Memory Lane

Shake the Sunday scaries by pulling out old photo albums, journals, yearbooks, and every embarrassing family photo your mom made you take when you were little. Turn it into a game by having your partner find you in a class photo!

Virtual Museum

Many museums are now offering virtual tours in lieu of in-person visits, perfect for feeling cultured from the comfort of your own bed. One of our favorites? The unique and oh-so-colorful Magic Gardens, right in our hometown of Philadelphia!

Daytime Dates

Gotten out of bed and can’t wait for dinner to do something together? Try one of these date ideas to take advantage of the day:

Backyard Picnic

Grab a blanket, make some sandwiches, and sit outside to soak up the sun (or keep your cool in the shade!). Bring a small speaker outside to play some of your favorite tunes or pick up a book you’ve both been meaning to start and read it together!

Spa Day

Everyone deserves a little extra pampering (especially now) so turn it into a date! An at-home spa day doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to feel luxurious; light a few candles and do a face mask together or attempt to give each other manicures (we can never do our left hand anyway…) as a sweet self-care date.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’ve got some extra time, put together a fun scavenger hunt for your partner! It could be filled with references to your relationship, trivia questions about each other, etc.

Dinner & Dessert Dates

The quintessential date night: dinner, drinks, and dessert. Switch it up from the typical tropes and try out one of these date ideas:

Listening Party

Whether you cook at home or order your favorite takeout, have an album party while you eat! Compile a playlist of each of your favorite albums and enjoy as you dine. (Bonus points if you haven’t heard the other person’s favorite album!) Another twist? Compose a playlist of songs that mean something to you, like the first song you remember hearing, your favorite song from middle school dances, and the song that makes you think of your partner.

Dessert Bake-Off

If you’ve been binge-watching The Great British Baking Show, put your newfound baking knowledge to use by having your own bake-off! Compete by making the same type of cookie and judging each one or attempt to make the other person’s favorite dessert. (Matching aprons are recommended, not required.)

Cooking Theme Night

Tired of takeout? Decide on a type of cuisine (pizza, pasta, sushi, whatever you like!) and cook it together! If you and your partner aren’t the biggest cooks, this is a fun way to learn—attempt to recreate your favorite dish from your go-to restaurant!

Nighttime Dates

Post-dinner and drinks, keep the evening going with a few ideas for night owls:

Backyard Camping

Summer nights are the best—a warm breeze, fireflies in the air, and the sweet smell of citronella candles to keep the bugs away! Set up camp with blankets, pillows, and (if you have one) a projector to create a faux movie theater and screen your favorite flick.

Kitchen Karaoke

Who says karaoke can only happen after a night out with your best friends? Blast a playlist of karaoke-friendly songs and use a makeshift mic to belt your heart out at home!

Draw Each Other

Ever wonder what your partner *really* thinks you look like? Grab some paper and sketch each other (we get major “Jack and Rose” vibes from this date idea!) to the best of your ability. To make it a little more difficult, add a 5-minute time limit. Still not competitive enough? Set a timer AND sketch without looking at them!

Date nights are always a fun idea and there’s nothing quite like getting ready for them. Pop on a “getting ready” playlist and throw on your favorite party outfit to dress it up a little!

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