How to Wear a Halo

5 Ways to Wear a Halo

Once you’ve found your gown, it’s time to choose accessories that make you feel like the bride from head to toe. Our ever-growing collection of bridal halos can be styled countless ways—here are five of our favorite wedding day looks.



1. Tiara

For a classic look that works with both updos and loose hair, style your halo as a tiara (a.k.a. the headband’s fancier cousin). Place the halo about an inch behind your hairline and experiment with fastening the bow in different places so it’s hidden or visible.

2. Layered

Just like wedding cakes, halos are even lovelier when layered. Wear two (or more!) halos together for a fashion-forward look; double up on one delicate style to spotlight its details or add texture and dimension with a bold mix-and-match duo.





3. Chignon

If your wedding day hairstyle is a high or low bun, wrap a halo around its base for sparkle that can be seen from all angles. Tuck in the ribbons for a polished look or leave them loose for extra romance.

4. Circlet

Wear a floral halo as a headwrap for boho vibes or choose a glittery strand for a Twenties-inspired vintage look. Place the halo at a flattering point on your forehead, then tie a bow at the back of your head, positioned slightly lower than the front.





5. Belt

Thanks to their adjustable ties, almost all of our halos can also be used as a belt! Tip: their intricate embellishments add the perfect amount of detail when worn with a sleek gown.

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