sweet smorgasbord!

Momofuko Milk Bar

When mixing different flavors try opting for a 'naked'-style cake (one without the final coat of icing) so that your guests can see what they’re getting into.

a cultural ~SPIN~

Almondine Bakery

Almondine's croquembouche, French dessert traditionally served at weddings, boasts a towering peak of caramel-covered profieroles and a dramatic swirl of spun sugar.

the D*I*Y

Maggie Ruggiero, Food Stylist

If you’re looking to pinch a penny, we love the idea of piling your favorite palm-sized treat super high. Height instantly adds a sense of specialness and formality.

throwback flavors

Momofuku Milk Bar

When thinking about cake flavors, consider those that strike a nostalgic note. Malted chocolate milkshakes and fudgy brownies inspired Milk Bar’s decadent creation.

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