Behind The Scenes: Making a Floral Veil

Behind the Scenes:Making
a floral

While the eclectic spaces of The Greenbrier provided a vibrant and unforgettable backdrop for our Spring 2020 gown collection, there was one very special accessory that stole the show: a chapel-length veil covered in dozens of colorful flowers. With a few floral additions, what was once a simple bridal veil became a stunning showpiece. We caught up with the veil's creator, stylist Kirby C., for a closer look at the making of this one-of-a-kind finishing touch (and how to make it your own!).

How did you come up with the idea of a floral veil?

“I'm constantly gathering inspiration, and I saw a veil that looked like it had fresh flowers all over it; I thought it was beautiful! My original thought was to make my own version of a veil with fresh flowers, but that proved to be a little unrealistic considering our shooting time and location. So, I sourced some flowers from the best faux flower shop I could find and worked on a color scheme.”

How did the veil work with the colors of The Greenbrier?

“The Greenbrier is full of colors and patterns that you wouldn't expect to go together, so I mostly went with my instinct on picking out a palette. I feel like it worked so nicely with the atmosphere.”

How did you make the veil?

“Once I found the flowers, I laid the veil on the ground and came up with a loose plan of where to attach each one. I placed a few of the bigger flowers first because I felt the placement of those was the most important. I wanted the design to feel unique and whimsical, so I avoided being too symmetrical. I had someone try on the veil at different points to test the placement. After I set the large 'anchor flowers,' I positioned the smaller ones to make it look like they were trickling down the veil.”

Have you customized pieces for a photoshoot before?

“I've definitely made smaller things here and there or used an accessory to change something, but this is the first time I made something on a larger scale.”

What makes this veil so special?

“I think it's special because we took one of our timeless tulle veils with a comb and transformed it into something totally unique. I think that's what BHLDN is all about. Being yourself and creating the world you want for your wedding.”

What gown did you pair this with?

“I paired it with the Cera Gown because it didn't have any beading or embroidery, but still felt unique and different. I love how romantic it felt with the veil.”

What type of bride do you envision wearing this veil?

“I imagine either a romantic bride or boho bride wearing this.”

What tips would you give a bride on how to make a bridal veil more special?

“Definitely think outside the box! Think about things you love, sentimental things, special things you and your partner or family share. Don't hesitate to customize something yourself or reach out to a friend.”

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