Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

How-to: Mix & Match Bridesmaids

Searching for a bridesmaid dress palette that showcases the unique personalities in your party? Maybe something more daring than a “one dress for all” look? Good news—we’ve got four modern templates for curating your party’s custom style. While many brides use their wedding colors as a jumping-off point, mix-and-match palettes can draw inspiration from anywhere—a flower, painting, film, or even the runway of a designer you love! Once you have some ideas in mind, head to our guide to start crafting your one-of-a-kind look and explore some of our current favorite palettes.

1. Color Crush

Perfect for the classic bride, our most subtle mix-and-match palette offers a traditional single-color look while flattering multiple body types. Choose a hue you love, then play with dramatic and distinctive silhouettes for a harmonious grouping that feels thoughtfully elevated.

palette pick: a sleek Ice Blue palette makes a fashion-forward match for the chic satin Marnie Gown

2. Advanced Ombre

This is our favorite option for the vintage-inspired bride who loves luxe fabrics and embellished touches! Starting with a subtle spectrum of tonal hues, curate a mix of silhouettes, fabrics, and details that reflect your maids’ personalities. You can also select a special ‘accent’ dress (maybe for your MOH!), then choose complementary styles for the rest of your party.

palette pick: Blue Moon, a dreamy spectrum with subtle sparkle that pairs perfectly with the Marilyn Gown

3. Fabric Focused

We love this boundary-pushing look for modern brides who have an eye for fashion. Start by choosing a single fabric to keep your party feeling chic and cohesive, then experiment with bold mix-and-match color combinations in a variety of silhouettes that suit each of your maids.

palette pick: Satin Spectrum is sleek, trend-forward, and subtly romantic, perfect for the Pearce Gown

4. Completely Custom

Free-spirited and packed with personality, we love this palette option for the boho bride. To get this eclectic look, think outside the box with unexpected styles—maybe even party dresses not specifically designed for maids! Start with one dress as your main source of inspiration, then build a palette filled with complementary colors and textures. Don’t be afraid to play with prints and embellishments—this is a chance for your party’s personalities to shine.

palette pick: Boho Jewels is a lighthearted mix of luxurious tones, perfect for pairing with the Alesia Gown

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