Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

You've got it, maids!

Searching for a bridesmaid dress palette that showcases the unique personalities in your party? Perhaps something a bit more daring than the traditional one dress, one color look? We’ve got you covered! BHLDN stylist Kirby C. is sharing her tips for three types of bridesmaid palettes: a bold mix-and-match collection, a blend of similar shades, and a tonal look that plays with texture. Read on for our palette inspiration plus Kirby’s advice for creating your own one-of-a-kind look.

A Modern Mix

bold, unique,

Tips for a True Mix & Match Palette | “Start with the unexpected! Draw inspiration from something colorful around you—a piece of art, a bouquet—and let that guide your palette. Include a variety of fabrics and silhouettes to make each dress feel even more unique.”

Palette Inspo | “This palette offers an updated take on earth tones. I wanted to elevate the natural colors by choosing deeper hues. Emerald green for trees, brown and copper for earth, and a touch of oyster to lighten things up.”

About the Dresses | “I chose a mix of silhouettes and textures that offers something for everyone—classic crepe styles, silky slips, rich velvets, and wrap dresses.”

Who's the Bride? | “She’s a minimalist, modern bride. Someone who’s on top of trends and wants to do something adventurous.”

Perfect Gown Pairing | “The Sutton Gown, thanks to its understated styling and of-the-moment slip silhouette.”

Shades of Sunset

eclectic, playful,

Tips for a Similar Shades Palette | “Consider the full spectrum of your chosen color and include a lighter shade. Here, oyster helps to balance the more saturated hues. Use these types of complementary neutrals to round out your palette.”

Palette Inspo | “An Arizona sunset. The warm tones call to mind the colors of the rocks and sky in the desert.”

About the Dresses | “In this palette, texture is just as important as color for creating variety. We get sparkle and shine from sequins and silks, rich tones from velvet, and depth from the floral patterns.”

Who's the Bride? | “She’s definitely a boho bride.”

Perfect Gown Pairing | “The Odalis Gown. The texture and drama of the lace—especially those sleeves—is a perfect fit.”

Tonal Olive

luxurious, subtle,

Tips for a Tonal Palette | “Use different textures or very subtle variations within one color to change up the traditional look of same-color maids.”

Palette Inspo | “I wanted to showcase the amazing collection of new olive dresses that just arrived! I love that there are so many different textures to play with, and a darker maids story feels perfect for this season.”

About the Dresses | “The mix of velvet and charmeuse textures introduces a lot of depth, while the wide array of necklines makes each dress feel unique. Having a variety of neckline styles is an easy way to be sure everyone can find a dress that makes them look and feel great.”

Who's the Bride? | “Tonal palettes are perfect for the classic bride, but are truly versatile enough to suit any style.”

Perfect Gown Pairing | “The Pearce Gown. The silhouette is classically glam, while the one-shoulder neckline plays into the variety we see within the maids.”

Stylist Kirby C. shares how you can make the mix & match look your own.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the mix and match trend?

Kirby: This look is all about elevating your bridesmaid palette by thinking outside the box and integrating unexpected looks—maybe even party dresses not specifically designed for maids. It offers lots of opportunities to go beyond traditional colors and play with details or embellishments.

Q: Creating a palette like this might seem daunting—any tips for getting the look?

Kirby: It can definitely feel overwhelming since the options are endless! I would suggest starting with a color or color palette. Once you’ve chosen that, you can move on to silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments. I love the idea of picking one “accent” dress (maybe for your maid of honor) that can guide the rest of the dresses. Choose tones from that dress or complementary colors for the rest of your maids.

Q: Where can brides find inspiration for their mix and match looks?

Kirby: Don’t be afraid to look outside of the bridal world for inspiration! While other weddings can be a good guide, they can also make it more difficult to imagine something uniquely yours. Take a look at the runways of your favorite designer, or consider your favorite flower, painting, or film.

Q: How can brides make sure their mix and match palette feels unified?

Kirby: Use one dress as your main source of inspiration. That dress should guide you in finding common colors, fabrics, or textures.

Q: Finally, what about accessories?

Kirby: That really depends on your vibe overall, but here are some ideas! You might decide to pair more understated dresses with bolder jewelry, or have all your maids wear layered delicate pieces. I also love the idea of gifting each maid a monogram necklace. If you’re worried about clashing, ask your maids to stick to one metal—gold, rose gold, or silver.

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