Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

You've got it, maids!

You've got
it, maids!

Searching for a bridesmaid dress palette that showcases the colorful personalities in your party? Perhaps something a little more daring than the classic monochromatic look? We've got you covered! BHLDN stylist Kirby C. is sharing four of her favorite avant-garde palettes, plus tips for taking mix and match maids to the next level.

Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood Bridesmaid Palette

sophisticated hues, slinky silhouettes, seriously glam

Palette Inspo | "Florence Welch. The central dress reads boho glamour to me."

About the Dresses | "I started with the gold dress as a centerpiece, then chose others that echoed it in color or texture. Overall, I stayed within a palette of dusty tones."

Who's the Bride? | "I imagine this for the bohemian bride!"

Perfect Gown Pairing | "I love this palette with the Ludlow Gown. It’s equal parts sophisticated and boho."

Star Power

Star Power Bridesmaid Palette

celestial sparkle to light up the night

Palette Inspo | "I put together this glam palette for a nighttime wedding, inspired by a starry sky."

About the Dresses | "These dresses work together within a palette of black and gold. I amped up the more understated styles with sparkly accessories and added in lush fabrics like velvet for depth."

Who's the Bride? | "She's sophisticated yet unique."

Perfect Gown Pairing | "The Orion Gown, to continue the celestial theme!"

Star Power Bridesmaid Palette

Hidden Gems

Hidden Gems Bridesmaid Palette

a surprising mix of saturated jewel tones

Palette Inspo | "Wes Anderson movies! The bright color pairings are unexpected yet complementary."

About the Dresses | "These colors work together because they’re all within the range of jewel tones. I chose lush, textured fabrics that complement each other; the pleats, velvet, and silk feel rich together."

Who's the Bride? | "She’s modern and trend-focused."

Perfect Gown Pairing | "The Opaline Ballgown—its classic look offers contrast for the bold colors, but the silky sheen is a perfect match for the textures of the maids’ dresses."

Champagne Toast

Champagne Toast

proof that neutrals are anything but boring

Palette Inspo | "A glass of champagne, of course! The sequins and beading are inspired by the bubbles."

About the Dresses | "The texture of the silk dresses plays perfectly with the sequined and beaded styles, all within a sophisticated neutral palette."

Who's the Bride? | "This palette is perfect for the romantic bride."

Perfect Gown Pairing | "The Written in the Stars Gown; the beading and blush tones would look stunning as the centerpiece."

Champagne Toast

How to Make the Look Your Own

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the mix and match trend?

Kirby: This look is all about elevating your bridesmaid palette by thinking outside the box and integrating unexpected looks—maybe even party dresses not specifically designed for maids. It offers lots of opportunities to go beyond traditional colors and play with details or embellishments.

Q: Creating a palette like this might seem daunting—any tips for getting the look?

Kirby: It can definitely feel overwhelming since the options are endless! I would suggest starting with a color or color palette. Once you’ve chosen that, you can move on to silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments. I love the idea of picking one “accent” dress (maybe for your maid of honor) that can guide the rest of the dresses. Choose tones from that dress or complementary colors for the rest of your maids.

Q: Where can brides find inspiration for their mix and match looks?

Kirby: Don’t be afraid to look outside of the bridal world for inspiration! While other weddings can be a good guide, they can also make it more difficult to imagine something uniquely yours. Take a look at the runways of your favorite designer, or consider your favorite flower, painting, or film.

Q: How can brides make sure their mix and match palette feels unified?

Kirby: Use one dress as your main source of inspiration. That dress should guide you in finding common colors, fabrics, or textures.

Q: Finally, what about accessories?

Kirby: That really depends on your vibe overall, but here are some ideas! You might decide to pair more understated dresses with bolder jewelry, or have all your maids wear layered delicate pieces. I also love the idea of gifting each maid a monogram necklace. If you’re worried about clashing, ask your maids to stick to one metal—gold, rose gold, or silver.

Mix and matching our favorite bridesmaids dresses is one of our favorite trends. However, it can be tricky when it comes to mixing floral bridesmaid dresses with different color bridesmaid dresses. After talking to brides and their bridesmaids, we currated a few collections of bridesmaids dresses to show how to mix and match texture, patterns, and colors while still achieving a seamless look. Keeping in mind some of your favorite colors, we put together a group of blush bridesmaid dresses that all have a different shape. This is for the bridesmaids who are looking to wear the same color, yet want a dress that looks best on their body type. Our second collection of dresses we sprinkled in a burgundy color to add on to the color story. Lastly, the third collection of unique bridesmaid dresses ties in florals, sequins, and different lengths for the ladies who want to go all out. If you need additional styling advice, reach out to our professional stylists!

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