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Mix & Match Bridesmaids

We love a mix & match bridal party—it gives each of your bridesmaids a chance to shine and most importantly, feel comfortable! Mixing dresses is all about striking the right balance; experiment with color, print, and texture to create variation in your bridal party and add visual interest that feels effortless.

Neutral tones suit almost every venue and style of wedding, from laidback to dressed up, seaside to ballroom. To elevate the look for a formal wedding, increase the number of beaded and embellished dresses.

A richer take on its more muted sister, blush, these warm tones lend a romantic feel to the bridal party. Choose softer shades of this palette for a garden wedding and layer in deeper tones for a more formal affair.

This palette takes cues from nature with tones of sea and sky. Consider it for an outdoor wedding at the beach or in the forest.

Sleek and elegant, an ivory color palette is an unconventional choice for the modern bride; choose dresses with a different texture than your gown so you still shine as the bride!

How to Mix & Match

1. Pick a base color and layer in different tones. Start with richer tones; make sure they look balanced next to each other. Layer in softer tones to even out the palette.

2. Incorporate a printed dress or two to tie multiple colors together.

3. Experiment with beading and embellishment to add texture.

4. Finally, add delicate jewels with a pop of color or sparkly sashes to balance the whole look.

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