Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

You've got it, maids!

Searching for a bridesmaid dress palette that showcases the unique personalities in your party? Perhaps something a bit more daring than the traditional one dress, one color look? We’ve got you covered! BHLDN stylist Kirby C. is sharing her tips for three types of bridesmaid palettes: a bold multi-colored collection, a blend of similar shades that plays with pattern, and a tonal look featuring mix-and-match silhouettes. Read on for our palette inspiration plus Kirby’s advice for creating your own one-of-a-kind look.

Satin Spectrum

daring, vibrant,

Tips for a True Mix & Match Palette | “For a bold mix-and-match color combination like this one, stick to a single fabric and silhouette so your party feels cohesive.”

Palette Inspo | “This palette reminds me of a sunset sky, with a splash of green to ground the collection. I love that it feels very vivid overall, but the individual colors are somewhat muted.”

About the Dresses | “This is our amazing Cali Dress! It’s perfect for your whole bridal party because it looks amazing on a wide variety of body types. The slip silhouette is a classic that can be worn again after the wedding.”

Who's the Bride? | “She’s chic, modern, and bold.”

Perfect Gown Pairing | “The Alexandra Gown. Her minimalist, 90s-inspired slip silhouette is a perfect match here.”

Garden Party

soft, layered, romantic

Tips for a Similar Shades Palette | “For a subtle take on mix-and-match, start with a print you love, then pull colors from that print when choosing the other dresses. Here, shades of champagne and rose carry through from the florals. The rose dress has a floral burnout texture that echoes the print, too!”

Palette Inspo | “A lush and beautiful spring garden.”

About the Dresses | “A mix of print and texture makes this palette really rich. The floral dresses are beautifully flowy, the rose dress has the subtle texture I mentioned above, and the neutral wrap dress adds balance—plus a romantic touch thanks to its ruffle neckline.”

Who's the Bride? | “She’s definitely the romantic bride.”

Perfect Gown Pairing | “The Alesia Gown. Its floaty tulle construction mirrors the airy styles in the palette, and the 3-D florals add another layer of garden glamour.”

Moss Satin

effortless, modern,

Tips for a Tonal Palette | “For a tonal look, I recommend the same color and fabrication in a variety of silhouettes. A consistent color and fabric really elevates the grouping.”

Palette Inspo | “A secret garden draped in soft moss.”

About the Dresses | “These are all satin charmeuse in one of our newest colors, Moss. The silhouettes are fashion-forward but still easy to wear, perfect for our trend-conscious modern gal.”

Who's the Bride? | “She’s the cool bride.”

Perfect Gown Pairing | “The Sutton Gown. The sleek satin echoes the maids, and the flowy silhouette has the same effortless vibe.”

Stylist Kirby C. shares how you can make the mix & match look your own.

Q: Can you tell us a bit about the mix and match trend?

Kirby: This look is all about elevating your bridesmaid palette by thinking outside the box and integrating unexpected looks—maybe even party dresses not specifically designed for maids. It offers lots of opportunities to go beyond traditional colors and play with details or embellishments.

Q: Creating a palette like this might seem daunting—any tips for getting the look?

Kirby: It can definitely feel overwhelming since the options are endless! I would suggest starting with a color or color palette. Once you’ve chosen that, you can move on to silhouettes, fabrics, and embellishments. I love the idea of picking one “accent” dress (maybe for your maid of honor) that can guide the rest of the dresses. Choose tones from that dress or complementary colors for the rest of your maids.

Q: Where can brides find inspiration for their mix and match looks?

Kirby: Don’t be afraid to look outside of the bridal world for inspiration! While other weddings can be a good guide, they can also make it more difficult to imagine something uniquely yours. Take a look at the runways of your favorite designer, or consider your favorite flower, painting, or film.

Q: How can brides make sure their mix and match palette feels unified?

Kirby: Use one dress as your main source of inspiration. That dress should guide you in finding common colors, fabrics, or textures.

Q: Finally, what about accessories?

Kirby: That really depends on your vibe overall, but here are some ideas! You might decide to pair more understated dresses with bolder jewelry, or have all your maids wear layered delicate pieces. I also love the idea of gifting each maid a monogram necklace. If you’re worried about clashing, ask your maids to stick to one metal—gold, rose gold, or silver.

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