Gemstone Guide


Meaning: symbolizes pure and eternal love

Color: most are colorless; “fancies” (colored diamonds) are very rare

Look for: minimal inclusions in a colorless stone

Pair with: any stone; a beautiful setting plays up its allure


Meaning: fosters purity and sincerity

Color: varies; white, pink, even black

Look for: rose, ivory, and silver tints radiating from the surface; roundness in ocean pearls (freshwater ones are irregular)

Pair with: diamonds and crystals for a classic vibe; moonstone or druzy for a modern twist

Clear Quartz

Meaning: clears negativity and balances discordance

Color: colorless, and in a range of translucencies

Look for: minimal inclusions, allowing light to pass through easily

Pair with: any stone; its glassy appearance adds dimension to a look


Meaning: inspires passion and spontaneity

Color: black and white are most cherished, but a rainbow of other colors exist, too

Look for: vivid “play of color” (iridescent flashes of color)

Pair with: pearls and clear quartz; its glow adds an unexpected and whimsical element


Meaning: stimulates a light and joyous spirit

Color: glittery sparkle, resembling fallen snow; clear druzy is most common, but other gemstones can have the crystalline facade

Look for: evenness in crystal size, giving a uniform luster

Pair with: pearls and clear quartz, which benefit from its playful sparkle

Rose Quartz

Meaning: represents unconditional love (aka “the love stone”)

Color: creamy blush pink to medium rose; darker hues are more valuable

Look for: faceted translucent stones, smooth and polished opaque ones

Pair with: diamonds, crystals, and pearls; we love it set in gold


Meaning: brings calm, peace, and harmony

Color: ethereal grey-white, peach, or brown that changes with light (like the moon passing through wispy clouds)

Look for: a silvery blue glint that undulates across the surface

Pair with: pearls and clear quartz to bring out its shimmer

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