Your Gown Just Arrived!

Your Gown Just Arrived!

a guide to trying on at home

When your gown arrives from BHLDN, your home becomes the bridal boutique.
Follow our helpful steps and prepare for happy tears!

Step One: Set the Scene

Recruit a trusted friend to be a second pair of hands.
Choose a spot with good, flattering lighting.
Lay a clean bedsheet on the floor to protect the gown.
Keep any spillable items away from the gown and your furry friends in another room.

Step Two: Prep Yourself

Have a fresh face and hair. You want to look your best while you try on the gown!
Wear nude, seamless undergarments and a pair of shoes similar in height to what you plan to wear on the big day.
Remove any jewelry that may snag the gown.

Step Three: Get in the Gown

If the gown has a back zipper, step into it; if the gown has a side zipper, pull it on overhead.
Close the hook-and-eye (if there is one) before zipping the gown.
Have your friend zip the gown!
Note: don't be discouraged if the gown isn't quite aisle-ready; it will likely require some alterations to be the perfect fit for you. With a little magic from your favorite tailor, you'll be ready to say, "I do!"

Step Four: Tailor It

Common alterations include hemming, strap shortening, adding bust support, and nipping in the waist.
If you don't already have a trusted tailor, contact your local BHLDN shop or ask friends and family for recommendations. We also encourage you to do a web search for highly-rated bridal tailors in your area.

Step Five: Storage

Store the gown in a dark, dry space (the back of your closet is perfect) with room on either side.
Use the garment loops to relieve any pressure on the straps.
Cover the gown in a natural, breathable fabric for extra protection; we recommend a clean cotton bedsheet!

Step Six: The Big Day

Steam, never iron. If you need some help, call a local dry cleaner that specializes in bridal.
Hang the gown to release any extra wrinkles.
Have your maids help you zip and button (photo op!).

Step Seven: Share the Love

Upload your photos and post a review to help future #BHLDNbrides choose their gown.
Tag us on Instagram with #BHLDNbride

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