How to Write the Best Maid of Honor Speech

How to Write the
Best Maid of Honor Speech

How to Write the Best Maid of Honor Speech

Being chosen as maid of honor is incredibly meaningful—whether it’s your best friend, sister, or cousin, someone you love wants you beside them on their special day. While typical maid of honor duties (bachelorette party planning, organizing the bridesmaids, support on the big day, etc.) involve a certain amount of teamwork, the maid of honor speech is all you. If you’ve recently agreed to be a maid of honor, you’re probably thinking, “I haven’t given a speech since that public speaking class in college…” No worries! We’ve broken down the best ways to prepare for and give the perfect maid of honor toast.

Planning the Maid of Honor Speech

When & How to Start Writing:
• Don’t wait until the night before! Set aside enough time to give your speech plenty of thought, most likely after bachelorette party and bridal shower planning are over. • Reach out to other bridesmaids, friends, and family for inspiration if you’re struggling to get started. • Write your ideas down in bullet form, then work on adding in transitions.

How Long Should It Be?
• Keep it short and sweet; 1-2 minutes is the ideal length. You’re likely not the only one making a speech and, more often than not, guests are waiting for you to finish so they can eat! • Even though you want to keep it short, don’t rush! This day means a lot to the couple and they’ve chosen you to play a big role in their celebration. Take your time and go slower than you think you need to (this is also good advice for walking down the aisle!).

The Do’s and Don’ts of Humor
• Above all else, be kind. This is an important moment in a day the couple will remember for the rest of their lives—keep it fun and lighthearted! • Read the room! If you feel like a funny story will land with the crowd, go ahead and tell it. Just make sure it doesn’t paint anyone in an unflattering light and moves into a heartfelt, congratulatory remark toward the couple. • Any inside jokes about exes or memories of wild adventures are meant for the bachelorette party, NOT the wedding. • Remember: today is all about the couple, their happiness, and their future together. No need to bring up any previous arguments or awkward moments.

Practice Makes Perfect
• Create a cheat sheet to keep with you on the wedding day (just in case!). Don’t feel as if you need to memorize the entire speech. • Once you’re done writing, practice, practice, practice! Give your speech in the mirror or to a friend and make sure it sounds good out loud, not just on paper. Take note of when to pause, how to transition, and any places where you rush or jumble your words.

Maid of Honor Speech Template

1. Salutations: Introduce yourself and your connection to the bride. (Tip: If you’re planning to weave some humor into your speech, this is the place to start, i.e. “I’m going to keep my speech like our beautiful bride—short and sweet!”)

2. Story: Share a gracious anecdote about the bride that introduces the theme of your speech, whether it’s about her being the best big sister, her tireless ambition in achieving her goals, or how caring she is to anyone she meets.

3. Sentiment: Tie this story into why you love her and transition into her own love story, explaining why she and her new spouse are meant to be.

4. Something Special (Optional): This is the place to add in your personal touch, whether it’s sharing a silly childhood memory, recalling that perfect Christmas gift she gave you a few years ago, or quoting that one song that always gets you two dancing.

5. Toast!: This is what the speech has been leading up to, so raise your glass to the couple and wish them a lifetime of love and happiness while asking the room to do the same.

Congratulations, you nailed your Maid of Honor toast!

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