Wedding Dress Measuring Guide

A Guide to Measuring at Home

If you're shopping for your wedding dress but can't make it to a BHLDN store, you can still find the perfect fit!
It's surprisingly easy to measure yourself at home with a few basic tools (and maybe a friend to help out). To make measuring simple, we asked Beth Bowersock, BHLDN's Technical Design Director, to share her expert advice.
Watch the how-to video below and read on for her essential tips and tricks.

(P.S. You can also use these tips to measure for bridesmaid dresses, party looks, and more!)

How to Measure

1. You'll need a full-length mirror, a soft measuring tape, and ideally a friend to do the measuring. If possible, wear the shapewear and shoes you'll pair with your gown.

2. Position yourself diagonally in front of the mirror to be sure the tape is level. This is key for accurate measurements.

3. Wrap the measuring tape from back to front so you can easily read the numbers.

4. When measuring, make sure the tape is flat against your body. Don't pull too tightly or leave too much slack, as this will skew the measurements.

5. Follow along with the video to take measurements for your bust, natural waist, low hip, and body length.

6. Once you've taken your measurements, compare them to the Size Guide on the product page for the style you're considering.

7. For body hugging styles, we recommend taking the size that best matches your largest measurement (bust, waist, or hip). For A-line or ballgown styles, focus on your bust and waist measurements and take the size that matches the largest of the two. Remember, it's always easier to take something in than to let it out!

8. To get a sense of how long a style will be on you, compare your body length to the shoulder to hem length indicated in the item's Fit Information.

9. No measuring tape or second set of hands available? Contact a tailor in your area to have your measurements taken professionally

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