Wedding Dress Measuring Guide

A guide to

Finding your correct size shouldn't be daunting! Read on to learn how to take your most accurate measurements.

How to measure

1. Use a soft measuring tape to measure yourself.

2. Position yourself diagonally in front of a mirror, to be sure the tape is level.

3. Wrap the measuring tape from back to front so you can easily read the numbers.

4. Leave a finger's distance between your body and the measuring tape - pulling too tightly will skew measurements.

5. To get a sense of a style's length, measure from the very top of your shoulder, over the fullest part of your bust, to the length indicated on the item's product measurements (available on the product page under Fit Information).

6. To find the size you should order, refer to the item's fit information on the product page.

7. We recommend sizing up to your largest measurement - it's always easier to take something in than to let it out!

No measuring tape? Need a second set of hands?
Contact a tailor in your area to have your measurements taken professionally.

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