Shades of White Guide

Shades of White Guide


A crisp white that glows.


Natural, warm undertones
like an eggshell.


A milkier hue with yellow undertones; appears bright in daylight and rich in indoor lighting.


A whisper of rosy gold.


Barely-there rose with an earthy quality, reminiscent of Himalayan pink salt.

Color Notes

A few factors to consider when choosing your gown


Whites appear more one-note on matte fabrics like crepe. Reflective materials like satin are more dynamic; their shimmer accentuates the cool tones in snow and warm tones in ivory, cream, and champagne.


Gown colors respond to changes in light - sunlight, indoor light, candlelight - in surprising ways. Snap photos in the gown next to a window, in the middle of a room, and in the dressing room to mimic wedding day lighting.


A liner gives a unique dimensionality to a gown. Lining of the same hue as the shell lends richness. A darker liner will deepen the color of a white tulle skirt and add contrast to a white lace overlay.

Veil Pairing

A veil can really brighten a look! Opt for one that's the same shade or one shade lighter than the gown. See our complete guide to veils »

Finding the perfect wedding gown can be stressful with so many different styles, colors and fits. This guide will help you understand the different white wedding dresses and off-shades of white gowns that will fit perfectly for your wedding and you! The modern bride is all about being a little off-beat and untraditional which is why sometimes going with a blush undertone can add a completely different element to your wedding dress color. Other options can include a champagne colored wedding dress or even a feminine ivory color. If you still feel overwhelmed by the different wedding dress color options, be sure to reach out to one of our stylists!

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