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The First Look

Wedding Hair

Inspiration for classic, romantic, modern & boho brides

The First Look


Inspiration for classic,
romantic, modern & boho brides

“It should only take about 15 minutes...” We've all uttered that phrase while getting ready for a big event, but this time we really mean it! For the biggest event of them all, we teamed up with hair stylist Judd Minter to share four stunning and surprisingly simple wedding hair ideas. Tailored for classic, modern, romantic, and boho brides, these looks are easy to create and look perfect from any (and every!) angle.

Classic Bride

Sleek, Timeless, Elegant

A sleek, low bun (with zero flyaways!) is a tried-and-true look for classic wedding hair. Hide the ponytail elastic by wrapping a piece of hair around it for a seamless knot and add bobby pins for extra hold. A single flower completes the style.

Romantic Bride

Playful, Sweet, Ethereal

How can you get the ultimate romantic wedding updo? After teasing the top section of your hair, create a ponytail and divide it into braids at the nape of your neck. (Pro tip: pull on your plaits a little bit so you don't look too put together!) Pin all the braids together to create a low, textured bun, then nestle in a tiara.

Modern Bride

Trendy, Fun, Glamorous

Ready to pump up the volume for your bridal look? Use a big barrel curling iron to create easy curls that will loosen into chic waves throughout your wedding day. (Don't forget a heat protecting spray!) Combing hair at the root “compacts a base” for extra hold and volume. Brush out your hair and give it a shake for maximum glamour.

Boho Bride

Effortless, Natural, Detailed

For extra grit and natural texture, skip the shampoo and embrace your second-day hair! Curl your hair in big sections and leave the ends off so it doesn't look too put-together. Weave a braid around the back of your head above the waves for a waterfall look. Add that final bohemian touch by scattering some floral pins throughout your braid.

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