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The First Look


Inspiration for classic, romantic, modern & boho brides

The First Look


Inspiration for classic,
romantic, modern & boho brides

Powders, sprays, glosses, and glitters are typical tools of the trade for renowned makeup artist Jo Strettell. We teamed up with Jo to create four strikingly beautiful wedding makeup looks for brides. Whether you’re striving for a modern aesthetic with a hint of sparkle or a classic red lip and cat eye, these looks are easy to master and make your own.

Classic Bride

Sleek, Timeless, Elegant

There’s nothing more classic than a red lip, and when it’s paired with a cat eye, the result is timeless elegance. (Case in point: Cleopatra! The legendary queen loved a bold lip and eye combination.) Stick to a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturizer for a natural glow to complete the look.

Romantic Bride

Playful, Sweet, Ethereal

Long lashes, shimmering eyes, and rosy cheeks are the key components of a romantic makeup look. Use a soft blush on your cheeks and eyes before dusting an iridescent shade on your eyelids for an especially ethereal effect.

Modern Bride

Trendy, Fun, Glamorous

Dewy skin and golden glitter give the modern bride a trendy take on typical wedding day makeup. A mix of golden eye shadow and glitter gel creates a glamorous look, along with thick, full lashes. Keep your face fresh and dewy by banishing any stray glitter with a foundation brush and finishing up with a nude lip.

Boho Bride

Effortless, Natural, Detailed

This golden hour-inspired makeup brings several coppery tones together for an effortless look. Eyebrows are the picture frame of the face, so brush them up and fill them in! Add a light puff of blush for that “just married on the beach” look. The final touch? A slick swipe of lip gloss!

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