Belts & Sashes

Belts & Sashes 101

Everything you need to know


Consider your gown's undertones
when choosing a sash

• For creamy ivory gowns, enhance warm tones with champagne or gold embellishments.

• For bright ivory (almost white) gowns, play up cool tones with silver, opal, or clear crystal.


Complement your gown's best features

• Pair flowy or lace gowns with a sash featuring organic details and soft lines.

• Pair clean or modern silhouettes with a more structured, geometric sash.


Create your own style with bridal separates

• For a cohesive look, add a sash to tie the top and bottom together.


Highlight and slim your natural waist

• Place the sash between your navel and the bottom of your rib cage for the most flattering silhouette.

• Ask an expert tailor to tack it into place for your big day.

Back Detail

Let your gown's back detail shine

• Ask your tailor to remove the ribbons from the sash and fasten the sash embellishment directly to your gown. Voilà!


If you're more into belts than bows...

• For an elegant, refined look without the bow, an expert tailor can add a hook-and-eye, discreet snap, or sweet button closure to the sash.

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