Wedding Guest Attire for Men

Dress Codes for guys
with The Black Tux

We’ve decoded five of the most common dress codes for wedding guests and shared our favorite outfit ideas for every bridal occasion—but what about the guys?! To button up our pressing questions on wedding dress codes for men, we turned to the experts: The Black Tux. Our go-to outfitters for grooms, wedding parties and guests, they offer stylish tuxedos and suits (plus all the accessories!) to rent or keep. Now, they’re here to break down the perfect look for every dress code, from black tie to beach.

(Guys, this guide isn’t just for wedding guests…keep it handy for other events, like work parties or charity galas!)

Black Tie
Dress Code

Black, white, and formal—stick to the classics

1. Tux: Classic black is the move for a formal affair

Note: Personalize your tux with a detail that suits your style—notch lapel, peak lapel, or shawl collar

2. Accessories: A modern tuxedo shirt and black butterfly bow tie anchor the outfit, while button studs and a low-cut vest round out your look

3. Shoes: Sleek and understated patent leather

Caireen Dress
Banatar Earrings
Yaro Heels
Jones Dress
Brenda Dress
Millennia Bag

Black Tie Optional
Dress Code

Black tie with a modern twist

Note: Optional doesn’t actually mean optional—stick to a tuxedo for this dress code

1. Tux: Midnight blue is a modern alternative to black

2. Accessories: Stick to black and white but try a subtle pattern in your tie or pocket square

3. Shoes: Simple black shoes keep the focus where it belongs

Donne Dress
Blume Drop Earrings
Yaro Heels
Louetta Dress
Windham Jumpsuit
Magnolia Dress

Dress Code

One part formal, one part flex

1. Suit: A dark suit with some personality

2. Accessories: Reserved but detailed—don’t be afraid of a little color

3. Shoes: Black shoes are best

Note: Shoes are a great place to add a unique twist with unexpected design details

Amala Dress
Yaro Heels
Elayne Earrings
Azima Dress

Dress Code

Casual, colorful, creative

1. Suit: Avoid dark suits and consider a muted pattern

2. Accessories: Rich color and warm weather fabrics like cotton

3. Shoes: Black or cognac brown leather lace-ups

Note: For a daytime event, avoid shoes that are too shiny

Hudson Dress
Rocco Earrings
Yaro Heels
Seville Dress

Beach & Destination
Dress Code

Relaxed, but not too relaxed

1. Suit: The lighter color the better—think tan or light grey

2. Accessories: Muted shirt colors and tropical pocket squares bring vacay vibes

Note: Round out your look with some stylish sunglasses

3. Shoes: (Yes, wear shoes.) Suede is a good casual alternative to leather

Bequia Dress
Yaro Heels
Ilyana Earrings
Charlotte Dress

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